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In contrast to fair trade, which provides fair working conditions for everyone involved in the trade chain, which includes farmers, and is managed by an independent standard - GOTS. Ethical manufacturing takes care of manufacturers engaged in the production of items from synthetic materials such as recycled polyester and maintains fair and healthy terms of employment.

With globalization, local fashion manufacturers are suffering. We like to encourage local production. Locally made clothes are uniquely in increased awareness of ethics. These brands have more control over supply chains and of course the result is a contribution to the local economy.

Sustainable fashion is a movement of brands that produce collections using eco-friendly materials. The meaning of the term sustainable is broad and is not only characterized by the use of biodegradable natural fabrics but refers to the use of diverse fabric materials to prevent overuse of a particular resource. Here you will find items made of Merino Wool, Tencel, Hemp, Bamboo, Silk, Soy and more. Sustainable also refers to the way fabrics are dyed, today many brands use low-impact paint and color alternatives produced in existing pigments in nature.

Cruelty-free: These products are manufactured without harm to animals, they are not manufactured through animal experiments, do not contain animal substances and no animal by-products are used as part of the production process.

Invest in women. It is extremely important to let women serve in key positions and allow them to make decisions that can affect us all as a society. In our opinion, the fashion industry is no different from any other field and therefore we see a right to encourage businesses run by women or a business where most of the employees are women.

Nourishing cream and hair mask 

This useful cream works both as a hair cream and as a mask. The cream helps define your hair, nourishing and preventing split ends, and gives a healthy and shine-free appearance. It is suitable for all types of hair and for daily use. It’s also ideal for refreshing hair after exposure to ocean water, pool water, overall dryness, and more.

Shipping from Israel

For use as a cream, massage the ends of your hair with a small amount of cream.
For use as a mask, massage a generous amount into your hair, from scalp to ends, wait 60 minutes and rinse well.


Coconut oil, Grapeseed oil, Sweet Almond oil, Beeswax, Castor oil, Carrot oil (beta carotene), Hippophae oil.
Essential oils: Rosemary, Geranium, Cedar Atlas, Patchouli, and Myrtle.

Shelly Glasberg founded Simee, a natural cosmetics company named after her grandmother, with her mother, Pnina. “Simee is the woman I aspire to be,” she says, “A true Wonder Woman who knows how to sew, embroider, cook—she would do everything perfectly. Our company is dedicated to her memory.”
Pnina absorbed the world of pharmacy at a young age since her father was the head pharmacist at Helena Rubinstein. She chose a profession dedicated to natural and health-focused medicine and is a believer in the effectiveness of these products.
Shelly is a graduate of an aromatherapy course led by Idit Chen. She strives to connect the natural cosmetics world to women who value a natural and vital lifestyle.

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