Shiran Salem

Colorful Sapphire Gold Earrings


handcrafted products become personal with an emphasis on quality craftsmanship. The clothes, shoes, and accessories produced in this value strengthen the connection between the clothes we wear and the people who created them. They increase the appreciation for craftsmanship in traditional methods. Handmade production is limited and is therefore considered environmentally friendly.

Every year 2 million tons of textile waste coming from the fashion industry is thrown away. Brands that produce minimal waste products adopt innovative technologies or methods for reducing or recycling waste, such as smart cutting of the fabric, printing the fabric in a 3D printer, reusing water, and more.

Recycled fabrics are items made from stock of unused dead fabrics that are turned into waste, mostly by large fashion houses. Using these fabrics and keeping them from becoming waste makes these items amazing for you and the environment. Another way to use recycled fabrics is through the use of recycled nylon fabrics. These are made out of fishing nets and plastic bottles and are used to make swimwear and activewear. So, you can buy a new product without using a new resource.

Sustainable fashion is a movement of brands that produce collections using eco-friendly materials. The meaning of the term sustainable is broad and is not only characterized by the use of biodegradable natural fabrics but refers to the use of diverse fabric materials to prevent overuse of a particular resource. Here you will find items made of Merino Wool, Tencel, Hemp, Bamboo, Silk, Soy and more. Sustainable also refers to the way fabrics are dyed, today many brands use low-impact paint and color alternatives produced in existing pigments in nature.

Invest in women. It is extremely important to let women serve in key positions and allow them to make decisions that can affect us all as a society. In our opinion, the fashion industry is no different from any other field and therefore we see a right to encourage businesses run by women or a business where most of the employees are women.

Amazing stud earrings made of recycled gold. Each earring set with 7 colorful sapphires. 

Shipping from The United Kingdom

  • Stones size: 2mm
  • Dimensions: 11X7mm
  • Made to order. Ready to ship 3-4 weeks
Driven by love and curiosity for nature and its wonders, Shiran Salem creates jewelry inspired by the endless beauty of nature that emerges as we dive into its little details, shapes, textures, and patterns.
She aims to create pieces that are not part of transient fashion and that does not depend on a time or location in the world. Every item is a collection of tiny details that are gathered together in an intuitive creation process into a small, complete, and beautiful treasure. This is how Salem wants her customers to feel as if they are carrying a small treasure with them that will hopefully accompany them for many more years to come.
Each piece of jewelry is hand made and crafted with love, care, and attention, and made of recycled gold and natural stones. 

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