Ever since I can remember, I have been passionate about righting wrongs. Whether it is within the fashion industry or women’s agenda, I truly believe that a humane approach is the only acceptable choice. 

During my three years of East Asian studies I worked at a large fashion chainstore company as I was determined to find my way in the fashion industry. However, the more I advanced in my studies, the more I learned about the strife and struggles of people living and working in Third World countries. Thus, I had a new mission; promoting humane fashion and better consumer habits. 


This is exactly why I had founded Latoure. My concept is gathering sustainable fashion from all over the world, and housing all the items in one accessible marketplace. All the items offered and sold on the platform are manufactured under human and ecological conditions. The items selected are directly drawn from the slow fashion industry; fair trade, organic materials, sustainable and biodegradable fabrics (such as econyl, bamboo and others). 

I hope that by creating a user-friendly approachable marketplace, I will be able to empower a different type of consumer behavior, not only in Israel - but soon, around the world. By becoming more aware of our environment we can enrich both our society as well as ourselves - through the expression of fashion and aesthetics.